Naturally the best for your baby and belly

From early pregnancy to after birthBellyHugMammaVĂ„

  • BellyHug maternity belt grows with your baby and belly.
  • It can be used from month four or earlier if needed.
  • BellyHug is comfortable, adjustable and beautiful.
  • Use it after birth to hold in and exert pressure on the abdomen as your tummy muscles return to normal.
  • Before use take a moment to read: Important note on responsibility

Why BellyHug works

  • Tense streched out muscles become weak - relaxed muscles become strong.
  • BellyHug let's your belly muscles relax as your hips carry the weight.
  • It wraps around your body, lifting and supporting your belly fully.
  • It effectivly moves the weight from your belly and back onto your pelvice.
  • Using BellyHug after birth it will exert pressure on the abdomen while your muscles return to normal.
  • Read here what professionals say about BellyHug

Secrets of BellyHug

  • The first secret is that it is made from non-stretch materials.
  • The second secret is in the design, that makes individual shaping, adjustment and tight fit possible - to effectivly lift off the weight from your belly and back muscles.

Care for your BellyHug

  • We recommend machine or hand wash in 30 degrees Celsius and hang to dry. 
  • Note that 30 degrees Celsius uses substatianally less energy than 40 degrees. 
  • You may gently iron your BellyHug if you want. 
  • When not in use, keep it rolled up it in it's own bag.

Sustainable and respect - material, design, manufactoring

  • Sustainable: BellyHug is made with utmost care, to last for generations. It can be passed on to your daughters, sisters and lent to the women in your close community.
  • Designed: in Sweden. Read more about the Story and us.
  • Manufactored: in China. 
  • Material: Organic and locally grown (China where most of the world's Hemp grows) Hemp and organic cotton thread - leaving a minimal ecological footprint.
  • Colour: One beautiful colour, as Hemp has a natural sheen and warm off-white tone. Klick to see close-up
  • Respect: Made in reverence of Mother Earth in respect of the Seventh Generation.

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