Professionals about BellyHug

Jeremy-Halpin-5794-1024x682Jeremy Halpin
Health Consultant and Speaker. Teacher of Eastern Medicine, Shiatsu and Acupuncture of 25 years, Stockholm, Sweden
The function of the BellyHug could be vital because it compensates for the weakening functions of the postural muscles that naturally happen during pregnancy.
BellyHug can support the stomach muscles and also compensate for the natural weakening of the waist and hip/thigh muscles, while keeping the lower back curve in check.
What happens during pregnancy is that as the pregnant belly gets larger, the stomach muscles stretch over a greater surface area. This makes them weaker and less able to act in their role of supporting the posture. The body then tries to compensate by distributing the weight to other muscles, like the oblique muscles (sides) and illio psoas (hip/thigh). All this puts greater pressure on the lower back and spine (L4 to L5 down to sacrum), as is arches inward to try and lend support."

Kirsten Nisted - Kirstens familjehälsa

Kirstens Family Health, Natural Home Birth Midwife
Järna, Sweden
Midwife Kirsten Nisted has a BellyHug at her maternity clinic that she demonstrates and recommends to pregnant women that need extra support. Kirstens clinic is an Antroposophically inspired family,- mother- and child care center, as well as an extended midwife clinic, using Antroposophical medicine and therapy.

Eva MattiassonEva-MattiassonMed.Dr
Medical Doctor, Stockholm, Sweden 
IdunEva wore the first BellyHug prototype and gave us valubale feedback as a doctor and mom-to-be. She gave birth to Idun who weighed 4,5 kilos. Idun had been fixed in a breach position for some time and was delivered by cecerian. "I used BellyHug for the last three months. It was most helpful when I was walking and standing. I am immensly grateful since my belly was very big and heavy. BellyHug moved all the weight off of my lower back and onto my hips and pelvice. I love that it is made from all organic materials!"
PS: Eva used one of our very first 
home-made BellyHug's that's why its' maroon colour.

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