How to wrap your BellyHug

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Wearing BellyHug

You can wear BellyHug over or under your clothes. Wear fairly tight fitting clothes underneath, avoid loose jeans, baggy shirt or dress that might wrinkle and feel uncomfortable.

how-to-bhWrap a BellyHug - five easy steps

1. Wrap BellyHug loosely around your body - cross in back, slide one end through the slit.

    Three important points:
A: Lower rounded front should cover the pubic bone.
B: Upper straight front should be about five fingers width above your belly button.
C: Your hips should be well covered. They will carry the weight.

2. Lie on your back - feet firmly planted on the floor.
Lying down relaxes your belly relaxes up and in.
Lift pelvice off the floor and pull ends really tight. And then relax your back down onto the floor - asyou grab the ends again and pull as hard as you can.
Pull harder than you might think at first. This will stretch and shape BellyHug to fit tight around your body.

3. Relax your back onto the floor.
Then BellyHug will stay in place as you cross the ends loosely in front under the belly, above the pubic bone.

4. Grab both ends with one hand, roll to the side, stand up.
Tie in middle of back with a bow tie. Adjust as needed.
Important: The crossed parts should be spread out to prevent them from becoming like a rope under the belly.
If you want to tighten it more you need to lie down and do it again.

5. When BellyHug is wrapped right and tight - it will give instant relief!
If it doesn't feels confortable - loosen it slightly and keep adjusting it until it feels comfortable.
But if you haven't tied tight enough to begin with it will not work.

When not wearing BellyHug: keep it rolled up in it's own bag for easy access and protection.

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