Thank you for being an integral part of creating BellyHug

  • Johanna Pansera A dear friend and pregnant mom with difficulty. Together we designed the first BellyHug prototype and you were the very first to wear one. It was on your kitchen table it came to life and the love you poured into our work was truly essential.
  • Cayenne Ekjordh Midwife, Vidarkliniken, following the process of wrapping scarves and oversaw BellyHug in the making. 
  • Kirsten Nistedt Nurse and midwife for natural home births, Kirstens Familjehälsa, recommends BellyHug at her clinic. 
  • Kristi Oveross Doula, pregnant and having severe pelvic girdle pain. Suffered several prototypes and suggested valuble changes.
  • Hannan had pregnancy problems and was willing to test and gave us feedback on what worked and what didn't.
  • Eva Rinblad MD and pregnant with breach baby of 4,5 kg, used BellyHug for several months right up until moment of birth. Read her story here
  • Charlotte Kvarnhem Coachkompetens and Peace & Quiet retreat leader ran the webbshop Greatest Mom and was size XL. When she finally got the wrapping of BellyHug right she exclaimed " I cannot even feel that I'm pregnant!", she was huge and only had two weeks to go.
  • Jeremy Halpin Health Consultant and Speaker, Teacher of Eastern Medicine, Shiatsu and Acupuncture of 25 years, gave advice and sent us pregant test women pilots. Read here why he recommends BellyHug
  • Jenny Höglund Inventions specialist and entrepreneur consultant, JennyAnn and Urträdrecognized BellyHug as a true invention and helped us get it out to the market by granting financial support. Without her we would never have trusted to take our first steps in product development.
  • Leonie Meissner Hairdresser galore, KidzFaces face painter and tatoo artist Inkbenders willingly became our manager for USA and responsable for BellyHug's biggest market yet.
  • Ingmari Lamy Designer and top model helped us take important steps in de design.
  • Berit Hallström Owner of Riddargatan12 helped us think high fashion, colors and mechanics. 
  • Olivia Tolan Patent and design protection attorney for USA, then at Groth & Co, was delighted to suppport a product that would make a real difference to people.
  • Pramada Wells Hairdresser, webb designer Audible Glow and tatoo artist Inkbenders has been crucial to BellyHug! First by being inside Jivan's belly as she wrapped helself in Nepal, and more recently he did all the drawings for this page and our brochyres.
  • Nicolas Besserer Webb designer and brand creator at The Brave Brand, designed the moste beautiful and loving BellyHug logo.
  • Gita Plug in to your potential Gave us the tools and insights to stay focused on how to offer as our unique gifts.
  • Susanna Nova and Mira Malin at Temple for Spirited Living inspiration and role models in connection with Mother Earth and staying true to our core business.
  • Kumud Kabir Human Design Wise Clarifying each of our individual Human Designs, teaching us how to make the right decisions.


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