We are inspired

  • Annas Profylax Preparation for birth - for mother and partner, Sweden
  • Awakening women institute A global sanctuary for the feminine
  • Ekoblogg Here lives a family that care for nature, animals, environment and stillness
  • ECONOW The one and only ecological fair in Sweden
  • Gita Plug in to your potential - helps people live fully, Sweden and Skype
  • Hempage Organic hemp from their own farms. BellyHug Hemp supplier
  • Huskroken Certified organically dyed cotton threads/cloths, workshops, Gotland Sweden
  • Jeremy Halpin Teacher of Eastern medicine, shiatsu & acupuncture, Stockholm Sweden
  • Jordklok Organic, ethic and fair trade webshop for conscious shoppers
  • Kirstens Familjehälsa Home birth midwife clinic, Antroposophical medicine and therapy, Järna Sweden
  • Klimatsmart Largest website for climate friendly products and services in Sweden
  • Mothering magazine Inspiring natural families since 1976 in over 60 contries
  • SunWeed Herbal medicine and spirit healing the wise woman way
  • Temple for Spirited Living Organic necklaces and ceremonies in support of life, on the webb
  • The hidden messages from water Books and seminars, webb
  • The Brave Brand Graphic designer, designer of BellyHug logo, Sweden
  • Trosa Tryckeri FSC certified printers where we print our folder, Trosa, Sweden

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