Kulturhuset-WintertimeNewsletter No 1. Sweden 2012-12-08

Hello beloveds!

Our very first newsletter comes from Sweden and winter has definitly arrived. It is beautifully glistering white and blue skies.
We want to update you on what's happening with BellyHug around the world. We also want to become better at serving you and would love your help.

We launched this new website a week ago - featuring the Picture Gallery of Happy Mom's and new instructions of How to wrap a BellyHug.

The most exciting project right now is piecing together a picture of the typical BellyHug mother!
This is part of the even bigger project of expanding BellyHug as a company. And we are currently seeking business angels and investors. In whatever direction we grow we promise you to always deliver organic products - from seed to happy customer.

Could you help us serve you better?
What does a BellyHug mom care about? 
- Her baby (of course!), relieving her belly- and back pain, feeling good during pregnancy, a sustainable planet, her figure, raw food?
Winter-GrassesWhat is her work and what are her hobbies?
- Maybe her line of work is artistic, corporate, environmental, health, beauty?

- Does she spend her free time doing sports, gardening, listening to music, design, cooking, doing yoga, dancing?
What more should we offer in our web shop?
- What else are your needs that you think we can meet? How else can we support you as a mother-to-be and as a parent in the first few months?

PLEASE send your answers to Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.

Tons of love!
Jivan & Leonie
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