Promise, Responsibility and Policy

BellyHugMama-GråRöd-HÖBellyHug promise

We treat our customers and Mother Earth with loving care and we promise to:

  • only use organic/ecological products and packaging whenever possible,
  • respond to each and every correspondence in a courteous manner and in a timely fashion,
  • never sell, rent, or give away your personal or professional information,
  • only sell high-quality BellyHug products.
  • always focus on creating a win-win collaboration.
We look forward to serving you and your baby!
Jivan, Leonie and Jenny

Important note on Responsibility

BellyHug, its vendors and suppliers, and Jivan Wells. Leonie Meissner and Jenny Höglund personally, do not take any responsibility for any conditions that may occur due to use or misuse of the BellyHug products.

We provide information on the intended use of the product; however, it is strictly your responsibility to use this information as general guidelines to follow. You must use your common sense. If your belly does not feel relaxed and comfortable the BellyHug should be removed.

If you experience any new or aggravated medical condition in connection with your pregnancy do not use the BellyHug product, instead contact an appropriate medical professional immediately.

The BellyHug product is not a substitute for professional medical advice, care, or treatment. If you have any concern about using the BellyHug product speak first with your doctor and/or midwife.

Return and exchange policy - Private orders

We are confident that you will enjoy your BellyHug product, however, if for any reason you are not satisfied, please send the un-blemished and un-washed BellyHug product back to us within 10 days, and we will refund you the purchase price, less the shipping cost. 
Please allow a minimum of 10 days for your refund check to be mailed.

We reserve the right 
to reject (or only partially credit) your request for a return based on the condition of returned product. If your product is rejected, it will be mailed back to you at your expense.


If you would like to exchange your product, you may send your un-blemished and un-washed BellyHug product back to us within 10 days. 

We reserve the right to reject (or only partially credit) your request for an exchange based on the condition of your product. If your BellyHug product is rejected, it will be mailed back to you at your expense.

Cancel order by e-mail

If you wish to cancel your order before we have posted it to you, please allow a minimum of 10 days before your refund check will be mailed to you. You will be refunded the full price paid (including shipping), excluding handling (5%).

Return/Exchange adresses:
SCANDINAVIA/EUROPE: BellyHug, c/o Jivan Wells, Mossvägen 60, 153 37 Järna, SWEDEN
USA: BellyHug, c/o Leonie Meissner, 642 Bolinas Road, 94930 Fairfax, CA, USA.

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BellyHug is a Registered Trademark

Design Protected within EU and USA Patent No D642356
BellyHug has an additional world-wide Design protection by Freedom to Operate, Groth & Co
BellyHug Ekonomisk Förening has the same legal status as shareholding company

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