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Jivans belly two dyas before birth New Delhi India
Jivan Wells lived with her husband in Swayambhu village in the outskirts of Katmandu, Nepal, as she was pregnant with their son. She was 18 years old and it was heavy to carry the growing baby.

The Nepalese and Tibetan women wrapped their pregnant bellies in beautiful home woven cloths - and still do to this day. When Jivan started wrapping her own belly she noticed how it shifted the weight away from the belly and lower back, allowing the hips and pelvis to carry the weight instead.
In april 1974 Jivan gave birth to a healthy baby boy in New Delhi.

In 2008 Jivan's girlfriend was graced by her second pregnancy. When she began developing a hernia Jivan recalled the Tibetan and Nepalese women and began wrapping her friends' belly with a shawl. Both the midwife and the doctor loved the result.
Soon after Jivan designed the BellyHug for her friend. The seed that was sown so many years ago in Nepal became a design for the modern woman.
 The first BellyHug was worn throughout the pregnancy and the hernia never developed. It was also worn after the birth which helped the belly return to its previous shape.
Jivans  Graham  Belly
Jivan with new born 3 days

About us

Jivan skrattJivan Wells
I am a mother and grandmother. My son and grandson live in Fairfax, USA. I live in Järna just south of Stockholm with my cat, surrounded by mother nature and good friends. I am a visionary, networker and entrepreneur. Educated in leadership, teambuilding, personal and spiritual development since the early seventies. I work as a leadership trainer and coach since 1992. My book Moment of truth - handbook for a new leadership in a new time, was published October 2011.
I also offer ledarship training and coaching through YesYesYes as well as Urträd EF together with Jenny.

leonie meissner2Leonie Meissner
I am married to Pramada, Jivan's son, and also stepmom of a lovely fast growing boy. We live in Fairfax, California, amongst stunning nature which warms my heart every morning I wake up. I am a professional face painter and get to put big smiles on kids faces and am also an artist on many different levels.
Ever since BellyHug was born I have worked on some of the development together with Jivan, graphics, media and today I am the manager for BellyHug in the United States.
I also run LeonieMeissner offering all kinds of arts, graphics and photography. KidzFaces offer face painting for kids and grownup at parties, shows and theatre.

JennyJenny Höglund
I am an entrepreneur and innovation expert and councellor. I live with my husband and two teenage children in Stockholm after many years in the countryside. I council business people in their next vital step as they bring their inventions onto the market. That is how I met BellyHug and that is my role on the board.
I love people and ideas and my experiences from initiating and process leading entrepreneurs has deepened my humility towards the complexity of the world, while strengthening my trust in the indivual. I believe in the innate possibilities of the creating force. I believe in the future that is real but undefined.
I offer session for entrepreneurs and individuals under the name JennyAnn and run Urträd EF together with Jivan.

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